University Educational Tours

Are a speciality of Eastern Australia Coaches. With our coach drivers having many years of experience travelling throughout NSW and over the borders for many lecturers and students from various University faculties. Catering to both large & small study groups to the isolated research stations, studying soils, farming techniques, koalas, forestry, irrigation, crops & fisheries on Private, Government or University run properties. There are just so many interesting destinations available to the Universities for their studies and there is always something new to learn, it’s easy to understand why our drivers really appreciate the opportunity to travel on these field trips.

Closer to home, there are Orientation days and day only programmes held throughout the network of University Campus’ which are based in the Sydney region which require transport for the students and lecturers between centres. The Hunter region for Coal & Viticulture, across the Blue Mountains for timber and soils, Central Coast, Water sampling, Salinity testing, the list goes on.